R.I.P. Gerald Levert

Wow, right after Ed Bradley, this cat too

I interviewed Gerald Levert via telephone nearly two years ago for BallerStatus (shouts to Jay Casteel) in light of his album, Do I Speak For The World. I remember tripping out; I had expected his publicist to call me and connect me to Gerald, but instead, Gerald called me himself (and yes, his voice is just as deep over the phone as it is on his records). Homie was one of the best interviews of my career: despite my young, unripened interviewing skills at the time, the seasoned Levert answered all of my questions vividly and seemingly uncensored. The interview was very conversational, which journalists will tell you is always a good look for the actual story; aside from that, he just seemed like a chill, approachable guy. Highlight (which didn’t make it on the actual record of the interview):

Gerald Levert:Mario’s “Let Me Love You” is a great record, the lyrics are great, but that boy ain’t been through that stuff he’s singing about, he ain’t felt that. It doesn’t come across like it was a grown man saying it. I mean, how old are you?

Me: 19.

Gerald Levert: Oh, OK…well I’m sure that you’ve still been through more than Mario has!

Here’s a link to the article: http://www.ballerstatus.net/beyond/read/id/50874755/ … hopefully, it does as good of a job of showing Levert’s character as me speaking to him did.