88-Keys x Polo Ralph Lauren x Basement Magazine Photo Shoot


MOSologist’s favorite rapper/my homie 88-Keys had an interview/photo shoot with Italian magazine Basement. I obviously can’t read the article at all, but I thought that the photos were well done. And of course, I’ve got to give dude kudos on his Polo collection: he literally wears only Polo Ralph Lauren, head to toe, every day. I don’t even fuck with their clothing like that, but I respect the dedication.

CLICK HERE to download the entire spread from 88-Keys’ blog, and check under the cut for a video with Men’s Style on his obsession.

[brightcove vid=10708603001&exp3=8583330001&surl=http://c.brightcove.com/services&pubid=1564549379&lbu=http://men.style.com/video/obsessives/obsessives/3000755001/obsessives-88keys/10708603001&w=404&h=436]

  • I actually have no response to this since every wack rapper that I can think of you have already wrote about your love for them on here.