9 Things Every Writer Needs To Do Every Day


I found this link on a Twitter update from OpenZine. As the title reads, it’s their list of nine things that a writer should do every day. I must say, as a proud writer myself, I never would’ve even thought of some of these. Such as:

5. Journaling in some way, shape or form. You MUST capture your thoughts. Learn the nine types of journaling HERE.

8. Exercise. It’s called “Solvitas Perambulatorum,” and scientifically, it WILL increase your creative output. Learn why it works HERE.

It sort of seems like they listed some of these to increase traffic for some of their other stories, eventhough the “HERE” hyperlinks don’t work in the article. But overall, it’s still an interesting list, and some of them definitely seem to have some merit. What do my fellow scribes think?

To read the entire list, CLICK HERE.