A Challenge: This Is My Week!

Every December and January, people motivate themselves by saying, “This is my year!” The objective is to make the next 12 months be the gateway to achieving lifelong goals: losing weight, making more money, and more.

But why wait that long? Often, this perspective breeds procrastination, and lacks the planning for immediate results.

I issued a challenge to myself last night: go as hard as I can every day this week. I’ve set lofty goals for myself this year just like anyone else, and the only way I’m going to achieve them is if I make every moment count along the way.

So instead of saying, “This is my year,” starting today, I’ll be declaring something different: “This is my week.” Or even better, “This is my day.” I’m looking to develop the urgency to consistently plant seeds every day, and to hone the patience to watch them grow.

  • msujaws

    what were your goals?

  • Tuck

    How bout “This IS my year and I’m seizing it every second of the day!”