David Z x Adidas – “Black Tie Project”

I’ve been falling on my blogging this week, but can you blame me? I had a serious business trip in NYC this week. As soon as I got off of the train in Detroit Thursday morning, the homie Smack! scooped me up, let me change clothes at his crib, and I went to the Spirit of Diversity job fair at The Antheneum hotel in Greektown. And last night, I saw Michael Eric Dyson and Russell “Block” Spencer (of Bad Boy South) speak at Wayne State University. I’ve been busy, but I’ma try to make some more posts this weekend to make up for lost time.

And what better way to get back on my grizzly than with the David Z x Adidas “Black Tie Project”? Everyone knows that Adidas are my favorite kicks. Plus, Black looks good on me (or so I’ve heard). What makes these work so well is that, as HypeBeast said, they use premium materials to add some luxury to Adidas’ classically crisp Superstar model. And since they’re all black, they’re really versatile, too – kicks like these could end up being the beaters after a while, just because I know I’d rock ’em so much. I’ll definitely look to pick these up once they hit on Black Friday, Nov. 28 – though they’re at the David Z Shoe Gallery in Miami and Major DC, so I’d have to look into ways to make it happen.

More pics under the cut.