Adisa Banjoko, “Lyrical Swords Vol. II – Western Rebellion”


Courtesy of the author himself I just got a PDF of the book Lyrical Swords Vol. II: Westside Rebellion. Written by Hip Hop Chess Federation founder/journalist Adisa Banjoko, the book is, as he says in its preface, “a collection of interviews and essays about the political, social and spiritual trend within Hip-Hop subculture.” Interviews with the likes of Nas, RZA, Slick Rick and others are throughout, but I’m betting that it’s Adisa’s own insight and writing prowess that are really going to make this worth reading for me. Dude’s got a real youthful energy and knowledge of the hip-hop world, but his understanding that he can always learn more gives him more years than he really has.

E-mail him at to get your own copy.