Asher Roth’s “I Love College” Live @ MSU (Video)

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I know I’m a day or so late, but I don’t give a fuck. I really don’t. Check my Friday The 13th post to get why.

The homie Cliff Skighwalker and my mentee Eric “Hasslehuff” Huffman got to check out Asher Roth and Lupe Fiasco at Michigan State Univ. earlier this week. I just realized that you can barely even hear Asher Roth in this video, but whatever – I’m still recognizing the homie Cliff’s hustle regardless. By the way, I’ve heard that Asher’s album is actually really official. If they post the interview that they did with him, I’ll link to that soon, too.

To see pictures from the show and all that jazz, CLICK HERE.