“Ay yo, bring that beat back!”

In the new issue of XXL, journalist Chairman Mao says, “Most of the time, you’d have to pay me to listen to these ‘instrumental albums.'”

I agree. For the most part, instrumental albums aren’t worth checking out. They’re primarily full of beats that weren’t previously released either because they were didn’t make the final cut of the artist’s album or, as is the case a lot of the time, were just throwaway beats in the first place that were just sitting in their PCs. With the tracks that compile these instrumental albums having such a “leftover” aura, the albums lack track-to-track cohesiveness (despite the album being put together by only one producer) and overall quality; they’re usually limited to a week of listens by hardcore fans who will support any of the producer’s releases based on name recognition and allegiance, or from starving MCs who see the albums as an alternative to buying original beats.

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