Big Sean, “Supa Dupa” x Big Sean [Mack]

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I am a supa, dupa, trooper
Used to the bottom, scuba
So I’m on the grind, skateboard or scooter
Till I am the king of my castle, koopa
Dog I took a shot in the dark, in an industry of sharks
That’s surrounded by water—Cuba
I can make an Einstein’s mind feel stupor
And I can make an insecure bitch feel super
Realest nigga ever—Kunta, Kinte
Ultra, master. Super, sensei
Dog, in the 9th inning we jus tryna hit a homer
Marge, comprende? Hard, al dente
MJ. Jordan* or Jackson? Only difference is, I ain’t fuckin wit these kids
Sean, Big, a problem too big, trig
Y’all niggas ain’t shit, pissed. Tsk, tsk

Big Sean
“Supa Dupa”
The Burn Rubber Mixtape

^MPFree from Big Sean’s MySpace Page []
P.S.: Download Big Sean’s mixtape, Finally Famous, here. The original Big Sean, Smack!, drew and designed the back cover of the tape. The first of many covers to come.

*Coming soon to DSE @ Grand