Dude N Nem Bio

You’d think Dude N Nem has been perfecting this formula for years. Their singles “Feet On Fire” and “Watch My Feet” have spun on radio stations and clubs across the globe, and they’ve helped “juke dancing” catapult way past its Chicago origins. But while Upmost and Trygic have been friends and partners-in-rhyme for a long time, they endured a sea of changes before becoming one of rap’s most promising new acts.

Upmost and Trygic were initially members of separate rap groups that were under the same umbrella, but their respective squads lacked the focus to pursue music full-time. After each group broke up, they found another member and formed a trio of their own: The Scavengers. After adopting a dark, gothic style of rap that was making waves around the Windy City, they nabbed placements and collaborations with George The Jamma, a Chicago DJ popular for his “Chi Bangin” mixtape series.

“George The Jamma had a buzz at the time, so that got people familiar with our faces,” Upmost explains. “We were getting around and doing shows with people we looked up to at the time. So we were keeping our buzz going and working on music.”

The group’s early success was relatively short-lived, as Trygic had to move to and the third member went to school in a different area. But Upmost continued his rap career as a solo act under guidance of industry vet Shorty Capone, who had worked with Death Row and Universal Music Group. Trygic came back to town, Capone saw the duo’s chemistry and urged them to reunite. But this time, they would make some changes—with their name, their music, and their image.

“When we changed to Dude N Nem, we wanted to get away from the old Chicago style we were used to, because it sort of died away,” Trygic explains. “Once we got back together, we wanted to be more acceptable, and be heard outside of Chicago. The portrait we were trying to paint was on a broader scale.”

Their new palette includes loud wardrobes (the duo’s rhinestone-studded sunglasses are a constant head-turner and a fan favorite), magnetic personalities, and music built for “juke” dancing, a fast-paced combo of grinding and fancy footwork that originated in Chicago. “Feet On Fire” and “Watch My Feet” are played globally, and Dude N Nem haven’t only landed concerts with the likes of Rihanna, Ne-Yo and others: they’ve stolen the show.

“People and their kids, and people from different nationalities will ask us for autographs, and we’re in the sun signing autographs for hours,” Upmost says. “Meanwhile, T-Pain is on stage, but nobody’s even paying attention. People just want a Dude N Nem picture.”

And with their full length album due for a fall 2009 release, Dude N Nem plans to serve their global fan base even more. Different versions of their synthy new single, “Sounds Sexy,” will feature a female vocalist singing the chorus in French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Hebrew, Arabic, Hindi, Mandarin and Japanese. Upmost and Trygic’s response to each language is the same, though: “I don’t know what she’s saying, but she sounds sexy to me.” With a new hit on their belt and several others on the way, Dude N Nem is ready for the entire world to sing to their tune.