Dwele x McDonald’s?!


Literally minutes after I make the post about The Roots and Nick Jr., I find out about this collaboration between Dwele and McDonald’s. The Detroit soul singer made a jingle/song for McCafe, which is the restaurant’s new coffee house-style line of expresso drinks and baked goods. McDonald’s has been on my bad side lately, but this morning, they accidentally gave me two extra sandwiches with my breakfast meal; with that and enlisting talent from my home state for their campaigns, they win. If they’d only make that double cheeseburger $1 again though.

And I know my photoshop work above is garbo, but I wanted y’all to see the concept I had so you can share my pain at being wack in photoshop. If anyone would know how to blend the M logo into the white and make it look cleaner, let me know, lol

Listen to the song below.

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.1868926&w=425&h=110&fv=]

via OKP by way of Detroit Urban Music Examiner