Eminem x Jordan Brand

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I know I said that I’m not a big fan of Jordan Brand, but they’ve just been pulling me in recently. But then again, I never disliked their kicks – I just never shelled out the dough to buy ’em. But these The Way I Am Eminem Retro 2’s are amazing.

Shoes like this show exactly what should happen when rappers/musicians collaborate with a brand: keeping the aesthetic of the brand that made it so successful in the first place (the Jordan form, the red/black/white/gray colorway), but a stamp of the artist that makes it unique – which, in this case, is Eminem’s lyrics splattered all over the shoe, in the same way that he writes them in his own notebook. They’re only selling 313 pairs of the shoes, and they start pushin’ em online this Thursday at 7 p.m. They’re actually only $110, which is reasonable for a shoe that’s so high-profile and with a limited run. But is it worth the rent money, though? Probably not.

via NahRight x TheEvilCollector

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