fantasy sports – things lookin’ up edition

The ups and downs of fantasy football continued for me this week – and fortunately, this week happened to be an “up.” At the advice of fantasy football mentor Marcel Friday, a last-minute pickup of Pittsburgh Steelers running back Mewelde Moore – who was in for an injured Willie Parker – earned me a 106.94-79.64 victory this week. Moore got me 32.4 points all by his lonesome: 100-plus yards rushing, with two rushing TDs and 1 receiving TD. Roethlisberger got me 20 points with 216 passing yards and 2 TDs. Even though my New York Giants’ defense allowed 17 points, they still beasted with six sacks, two interceptions and a safety for 20 fantasy points. I’m proud of my boys getting me a win without three of my most valuable players: Larry Johnson (suspended for “breaking team rules,” whatever that means), Joseph Addai (got injured last week), and Anquan Boldin (got knocked out a few weeks ago). Hopefully they’ll get back out there soon. My victory this week handed a loss to my league’s only undefeated team, so even if I’m still low in the placements, I’ve still got something to show for it. P.S.: Willis McGahee had a 20-point outing today himself, with 105 yards rushing, 47 receiving yards, and a rushing TD today; but I had benched him for being such a bum all season. I respect his gangsta now, and unless he gets injured again, he’ll be starting next Sunday.

Tonight was also the draft for what will be my first season in fantasy basketball. My apologies go out to everybody who tried to join last minute – we thought we had until 8:30 EST to bring people in since the draft started at that time, but Yahoo closed that up with a half hour left before the draft. Good news: I had the #1 pick. Bad news: The league only has eight teams, so everybody has a crazy squad. Chris Paul is the anchor of my team, which will be great: he’s got scoring ability, and he’ll be a league leader in assists, and a league leader in steals. The rest of my team is a beast as well: Tim Duncan (fuck the Spurs, but dude is undeniable), Deron Williams, John Howard, Mike Dunleavy (sleeper), Al Horford, Corey Maggette, Andrew Bogut, Tayshaun Prince (Deeeeeeeeetrooooooooooooit basketballlllllllll), Jason Terry, Zach Randolph (word to Izzo), Rodney Stuckey Enter text here.(Deeeeeeeeetrooooooooooooit basketballlllllllll), and Lamar Odom. It sucks, because everybody’s team is as good as mine – but at least I’ve got one of the top two players in the league. Can’t wait for this to get started. Shoutout to Kev Triplett for the board room advice.