As a features writer, William E. Ketchum III specializes in intriguing interviews, vivid storytelling, and using his understanding of trends and current events to craft humorous lists and engaging opinion pieces. Look below for his articles from SpeechIsMyHammer, his Producer’s Corner column on HipHopDX, Web publications, and Print magazines or newspapers.

SpeechIsMyHammer Exclusives

Along with serving as an online portfolio of William E. Ketchum III’s work for other publications and clients, SpeechIsMyHammer is also home to exclusive content as well. William uses the site to for interviews, editorials, lists and other features.


Producer’s Corner
Producer’s Corner is a column that William E. Ketchum III co-authors for HipHopDX. Every month, he interviews a noteworthy producer about highlights from his/her catalog, memorable experiences with popular musicians, and picks his/her brain about to create masterpieces.






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