NEXT: Bria Murphy and Travis Porter (VIBE Magazine, April/May 2011)

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Travis Porter: Party People

What We Say:
While Travis Porter can’t trot past bouncers without getting carded, the three 20-year-old party animals could still be considered kingpins of the strip club. Experiencing Atlanta’s wild drop-it-low lifestyle at age 16, the Decatur natives—Lakeem “Ali” Mattox and stepbrothers Donquez “Quez” Woods and Harold “Strap” Duncan—routinely snuck through the back of Kamal’s 21 (a local strip joint co-managed by Ali’s mom) and pestered their way into performing on stage. Realizing their penchant for bass-fueled 69 Boyz-inspired tracks, the festive threesome saw a chance to corner the under-21 club market. With their unapologetic booty jams (“Make It Rain,” “Bring It Back”) and fun-filled mixtapes (Music, Money and Magnums) moving bodies—and landing them a Jive Records deal in 2010—they’re set on keeping hip-hop’s party spirit alive.

What Quez Says:
“It’s a great feeling to see Atlanta on top of party records right now. Other cats talk about gangsta music, shooting and all that. We talk about the party life. 69 Boyz always had that rump-shaking music, and Hot Boyz—those are our influences. We’ve been going to strip clubs since we were 16, so we were exposed to it at a young age. I don’t think [it’s cliché]. We chose to go that direction because that’s what we do—party all the time. We had a stripper song called “Doin’ It Slow” in 11th grade that we’d perform in the strip club. We’re bringing fun back to Atlanta. We vibe with the 18-and-under generation that’s in the club. It’s just-have-fun, get-out-of-your-shell music.” William E. Ketchum III

Bria Murphy: Moving Image

What We Say:
Bria Murphy has a thing for painting pictures. The Sacramento-born L.A.-bred model (Eddie Murphy’s eldest daughter) was always more comfortable playing the background. But sketching her own cartoon characters, portraits and book protagonists as a pre-teen not only helped the young art fiend discover her inner Van Gogh, but also proved a huge confidence boost for the shy girl with runway ambitions. The newfound swagger was just what Murphy needed to go full throttle on the modeling dreams she’d harbored while watching her mom, Nicole, strut the catwalk. Putting her freshman year of college on hold to hop on the Tyra Banks trail, the now 22-year-old took her talents into the field and with her mom’s aid quickly landed an L.A. Models contract and a gig as Dark & Lovely’s Global Beauty Ambassador earlier this year. Consider that fine art.

What She Says:
“Before I started painting, I was really controlled with everything. I was scared of change. I was really unsure of myself, but as I got older, I let loose with my work. Painting helped loosen me up. I had this amazing teacher, and my family was really supportive. They were like, ‘There’s no reason to be scared—it’s canvas. If you mess up you can start over.’ So I just let go and started painting and I can’t get enough of it. With fashion, it’s another form of art. It has no limits, and that’s why I love it. I’ll go into shoots and sometimes the stylists and photographers will be like, ‘What do you like?’ I’m like, ‘I’m modeling for you guys.’ I imagine myself as their canvas.” William E. Ketchum III