FF Week Two: The Come-Up

So this is my first year doing Fantasy Football. And I can’t front, it’s sorta fun. First week my niggas were ass, but this week, they were pretty decent. The Wavy Crocketts are the future.

Anquan Boldin = 140 yds and 3 TDs = 32 fantasy points by his damn self. Hence him doing the JYoung dance in this photo. Nigga! [/Cassidy voice @ end of battle]

NY Giants Defense = Six sacks and one fumble return for a TD = 21 points. And this is without Osi Umenyiora. Coulda got more turnovers, though. At least they let Torry Holt get me a TD.

Larry Johnson, on the other hand, was worthless sack of shit for another week. 22 yards rushing? k thx. I hate you! [/Cliff Skighwalker @ my blog]

My total points for the week: 114.54. My opponent’s got 86.64, but we’ll see what Brian Westbrook and Jason Whitten do for him tonight, pause

I’m out though. XXL and Metro Times deadlines haunting me.