Fuck Outta Here…And Ya Ringtone Rap Career © Crooked I

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So I guess it’s true. Joaquin Phoenix – the evil nigga in “Gladiator,” Johnny Cash in “Walk The Line,” and the dude who smashed Eva Mendez in “We Own The Night” – is rapping.


via Kanyeezy

  • MsRobynElaine

    dayyyyuuuummmm. i wish i could understand what he’s saying.
    please please please stick to acting. we LOVE your acting.
    sometimes ppl jus gotta fulfill a dream.
    dream fulfilled Joaquin.
    now, drop the mic and
    return to the big screen.

  • Really…..like, ok, really?

    (puzzled look)


    (even more puzzled)


    (heads to the lab)