I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind: 7/30/08 [GotDone x ToDo]

Now this is more like it. This GotDone List is finally starting to balance out. I swear, this kid Killer Mike really is giving the homie inspiration. Grind Time Rap Gang, bang, bang. Between Saturday and last night, I’ve done the following:

  • Worked out three times: twice in the actual gym using machines, and once just walking around in the neighborhood. Ketchums Workout Chronicles coming soon.
  • Got my editor on and cleaned up this Q&A with Quest M.C.O.D.Y. (shout outs to J Scott) to post on MichiganHipHop.com this week.
  • Two days worth of work on GlobalGrind.com.
  • Snatched up a couple checks. After handling biz with ’em, already focused on the next ones.
  • Did HipHopDX’s Mixtape Wrap-Up section by my lonesome, since the partner-in-pen Legend’s computer broke down. For all my journalists out there, peep game: I did eight mixtape reviews, each of them between 200-300 words, in one night. And the worst part is that I hadn’t even listened to most of those mixtapes yet, so I had to listen and write at the same time, while I’m sleepy as shit. Went to bad the next morning at 8 A.M., only to get back up in a few hours. Why?
  • Because I had to interview Big Sean, of G.O.O.D. Music, for a feature I’m doing on him for a secret publication. (More details on this later)
  • Renewed the Skype plan. Only $2.95 per month for unlimited outgoing calls in U.S. and Canada. Ugh. ┬ęPusha T
  • Finally copped the Turtles shirt to match the new Adidas. Sorry Sade, I had to do it. I’ma check for the Ralph Lauren joint soon, though.
  • Finally found my black Detroit fitted. Perfect timing, with the pair pictured above. This actually makes me excited to visit Burn Rubber again, just to be able to be in the same league as these cats.
  • Found out that HipHopDX’s embedding in the blog isn’t broken after all. Time to utilize that joint even more, now.

ToDo 7/30/08 [Minus AIM/Facebook. Let’s go.]

  • Finish RideOut’s bio. Fell asleep while working on it last night, so I’ve really got to knock that out today.
  • Buff1 album review.
  • Big Sean feature. Hound Don C. for some quotes from Kanye-to-the.
  • Job hunt g-rind. Although Talitha’s already given me 10 reasons not to.
  • Continue the Global Grind.
  • Get ready for next weekend’s Buff1 x MichiganHipHop.com party in Ann Arbor.
  • Get over the fact that I won’t be able to get the Air Questo’s from Burn Rubber, since my two pair are already on ice for staffers there. I’m guessing the sneaker gods are telling me not to get too ahead of my britches. Hence…
  • Start on the MF DOOM Dunks payment plan via MOSologist.

Time to get ready to go to the library, and make that second list shorter. Rev. Run’s Daily Word today talked about enthusiasm, and I don’t think that’s a coincidence.


  • Mina Jasarevic

    Turtles are where it’s at.
    Good choice on the gear…

  • Soopa Starr

    Killer Mike is the absolute truth! Word up!