Identical Variant Comes In Piece.

Identical Variant – the clothing line of which Smack! is a senior designer, and I’m assistant marketing/promo person – has a new release. And, as usual, it’s a heater.

The shirt isn’t made the way that I.V. Angel Kiana Alvita is wearing it, but you get the idea. My 4X in white is on ice, but click on the picture to get your own.

You may have seen me rockin’ Identical Variant in other locales, as well.

I wore the “Crank Dat Ninja” tee at the IMPACT 89FM studio with Big Sean, of G.O.O.D. Music

And before that, I copped the IV logo tee.

So pay attention, and cop your own. | Identical Variant

  • *coughcoughmisspelled “identical” at the endcoughough*

  • that’s dope