Identical Variant Year-End Photo Shoot


Taken from my post on the Identical Variant blog:


Identical Variant is done for 2008, but with all of your help, we had a hell of a summer run. We’ve released several new shirts, including our first run of hoodies; we launched a new web site; with the Jockin’ My Fresh tee with LivLux magazine, we netted our first collaborative piece; we gained new members of the team with the latest IV Angel Sunshine Marie (pictured above), and new Marketing Assistant William E. Ketchum III (who’s writing this blog); and our product is circulating all over the nation. We’re excited about the new year.
Company Co-Owner/Head Designer Randall Pointer got a new camera for Christmas, and what better way to end the year than with a photoshoot to chronicle the summer’s best designs and introduce Sunshine? We hope you have as much fun enjoying the photos as we did at the shoot. Check out more of the photos below, and we’ll see you in ’09!
To see more pictures from the photo shoot, CLICK HERE