JYoung’s Definitive Moment of ’08


JYoung has been too real for the world around him, lately. Women have been inconsistent at best and disrespectful at worst, niggas ain’t comin’ through on their ends to help him finish his debut album The Book of Jahshua, and let’s face it – it’s a recession, everybody broke. ¬©Young Jeezy

Everything culminated this week, when young homie spent his first night in jail for unpaid speeding tickets. He got out the next morning, but he was still visibly moved by the experience. Fortunately, though, he’s still got his sense of humor. He’s been dropping mad classics on Facebook chat all fuckin’ night. My favorite?


me and vince are bout to go to mcdonalds


good job tellin me, the fuck can i do about it lol




go to the one across the street and have a McConference Call


Starting at 11 A.M. today (Thursday), JYoung will have an all-day studio marathon to finish the rest of his debut album. I’ll be live-blogging throughout, and possibly video blogging as well.

Welcome back, fam’ron.