Ketchums x Twitter x NYC


What’s good everybody?

It’s a lil past midnight, and as you can see from the photo above, I’m at the Amtrak in Toledo, OH. After an hour-long bus ride here from Detroit, I’m kickin’ it in the lobby till 3:50 AM, which is when I’ll catch my train to NYC. Shout-out to Kev for letting me rest my head at his place while I’m in town.

Neither this Amtrak station or the train itself have stable Wi-Fi connections. I’m using my Blackberry as a modem right now, but that’s sort of shoddy. Plus, while I did bring my camera with me, I just realized that I didn’t bring my Sony memory card converter; which means that aside from occassional webcam pics like the one above, I won’t be able to get my multimedia on during the week.


That’s what Twitter is for. I’ve become addicted to this shit, just like everybody else has. Click the logo above to “follow” me – I’ll be adding random ditties about my travels and what not. I’ve already seen madd funny shit, so it’s sure to be a fun trip.