LG Prada II + Prada Link Bluetooth Watch

I’ve always figured that fashion-tech collaborations, while great in concept, would always ultimately be style-over-substance material. Devices that look amazingly fly, but have features, specs and UI’s that are inferior to their better-priced counterparts. That being said, this new LG Prada II phone and bluetooth watch set that I found on HypeBeast is pretty dope. The phone has solid specs: slide-out keyboard, 3G, WiFi, a full HTML browser and an incredible 5-megapixel camera. The sleek, matching watch is the dope part though: it uses Bluetooth technology to remotely control the phone’s features and display text messages. While both are stupidly expensive – $715 for the phone and $376 for the watch, and they aren’t sold as a package deal – and only available in the UK, I still think it’s one of the few fashion-tech collabs that’s actually worth its weight. Sort of.

More pics under the cut. | via HypeBeast