Marcus Troy x Nike (Interview)

Marcus Troy, fashion expert and one of my favorite bloggers, was interviewed by Nike about his web site, the fashion scene in his stomping grounds of Montreal, and his thoughts on Nike products. Troy has some interesting things to say about fashion, esp. in the context of the Internet. And hopefully, you’ll be seeing me work with the homie in 2009. An excerpt: 

How has blogging affected your perception of style?

The Internet makes fashion and products go out of style really quickly. People are leaking 2009 collections that you should only be able to see if you were a buyer or at a runway show or in a showroom. So by time the product actually drops you’re almost over it. That’s why the brands with real product and not hype survive the times.

Style is always what you make it. I think style is something you have or you don’t, whether you’re wearing high-end designer or items from a thrift store. You can’t buy style, you can buy clothes. You can buy into fashion, but you really can’t buy style.

That’s one of the best quotes I’ve seen in a while. For the rest of the interview, CLICK HERE.

via MarcusTroy