Marcus Troy’s “HookUp Etiquette”

This new post on Marcus Troy’s blog is win. Here, he basically gives his readers a guide on how to behave in the world of “HookUps,” or getting free items, tickets, etc. from your connects. What’s great about this is that it’s not just a run-of-the-mill tip sheet at getting free shit – it’s moreso a run-down of how hookups work, and how to make sure that you don’t get out of pocket. An excerpt:

Never be envious or jealous of someone else’s hookup, you never really know what he or she did to get it. It might have been a lot of hard work or it might be something that you would never be willing to do .

Very true. I’ve both gotten people hookups and received hookups myself, and conversely, I’ve been turned down and I’ve had to turn people down. It’s something you sort of learn as you make your way through the industry, but I thought this was a great read.

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