Necole Bitchie Breaks It Down

My gorgeous, talented homie Necole Bitchie – founder of (which is universally regarded one of the top urban blogs on the Net) and social networking site – gives a speech about her grind and her rise to success. She does a great job of both telling her story and letting listeners know what’s necessary to make it happen. She’s a role model of mine, and seeing her do her thing makes me realize that I need to step my game up.

Keep up the good work, homie!

I’m bout to go work out. Y’all be ez.


  • Miss Brittany

    i was going to say “you just think she’s cute ;)” but i saw you already mentioned gorgeous.. lol but no, for real, i watched her speech in its entirety & i can’t even lie, when she broke down crying, i must admit, i broke down as well… i definitely know exactly where she is coming from, that was very touching, she did a great job telling her story — sharing personal experiences like that are not easy, i applaud her 🙂