OK people, I’m at blogspot…

So Kelley Carter gets me in this chat room with a million journalists, and everybody has a blogspot. Then Marlon Walker, who IS that deal for meeting me one day and basically being a mentor the next, tells me I need to get a blogspot.

So I figure, why not?

I’m probably going to be using this page in conjunction with my MySpace blog…basically, copy and paste blogs that I have in there in here, and get a reaction from all of you as well. I plan on using these blogs a lot, just to get the writing juices flowing more, so here to me buying into the blog phenomenon (lol).

Y’all better show me some love in comments, just so I know I’m not typing to myself. Also, give me some ideas for a title for my blog, cuz “Ketchums @ Blogspot” was clearly just something to type for now.


  • M-Dubb

    Welcome to the wide world of blogging. Just don’t fall off like the unworthy do. At that point, I’ll be forced to disown you.

  • WEK,

    I’m a former colleague of yours at URB magazine. Currently living and working in China. I wanted to let you know that your persistence has been inspirational for me in the field of Hip-Hop journalism. Your dedication is commendable — blogging since ’05? Serious.

    As you continue into the next phase of your career, I will enjoy reading your writing and following your hustle.

    Props my brother, major props.