Orbit Gives Ketchums The Hook-Up.

Tastemakers in different fields have always been privy to perks and free stuff. I first realized this way back when I got started in music journalism, when I began receiving miscellaneous CDs in the mail every week. This began to be a burden more than it was a blessing, though: I’d never have enough time to actually listen to all of this, and I’m too friendly to just throw music away without listening to it, which accounts for a lot of CDs stacked up in the spot. I still envy the likes of Marcus Troy, who just gets loads of free clothing, shoes, gadgets, etc. because of how influuential his web site is.

But recently, I got a pretty interesting hookup myself. March 18, I posted a blog, “Orbit Chewing Gum Is Changing The Game,” that was essentially just showing my awe in the fact that Orbit would put out the “Big Pak,” which has 35 pieces of gum, and how I had a good that that centered around my purchase of one.  I saw a comment posted by a “Jason M.,” which asked me to give him my address so that they could send me a free sample of the gum. I gave them the address, and I got this in the mail.


Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. That’s seven packs of the gum, and 35 sticks per pack. You do the math. And what’s great is that they somehow guessed that the Spearmint is my favorite flavor, while still tossing in three Peppermint packs, too. As if to say, “We respect your hustle, Ketch, but here’s something new anyway.” I wanted to make this blog to thank Orbit for the supplies, and to let em know that I’m still reppin’ hard for them. The gum really does give you that obscene sense of clean…no matter what!

Follow the jump for some behind the scenes footage of the commercial for the Orbit Big Pak.

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  • Talitha

    NICE..lol 🙂

  • Do a blog posting about Maybach/Mercedes, see what happens….They could at least give you a ride to work….lol