President Barack Obama Keeps Blackberry


“My man.” ┬ęDenzel Washington as Alonzo in “Training Day”

Barack Obama was told soon after he won the presidential election that he may have to give up his trusty 87xx-series Blackberry. The Presidential Records Act of 1978 would make all of his communication records the public’s; plus, anything can get hacked into (even a device as secure as the Blackberry), so there are security issues as well. Several publications reported that Obama said, “I’m clinging to my Blackberry. They’ll have to pry it from my hands.”

But Obama may have gotten the hook-up. Blogs this morning are reporting that Obama will be able to keep his Blackberry, but for personal use only. And while ABC News won’t confirm who it’s for, they report that a government agency has added a “super-encryption” package to a Blackberry device. Honestly, I never questioned that he’d even have to get rid of it. Obama is that dude.

But what’s really funny is how Obama aides described his emails in a New York Times (by way of BBC News) article.

The paper quotes aides saying that his e-mails, sometimes sent as late as 0100 or 0300, were “generally crisp, properly spelled and free of symbols or emoticons”.

LOL @ “crisp” emails