Product Review: Herschel Supply Co. “Journey” Bag

When preparing to leave for A3C Hip Hop Festival in Atlanta this month, I was desperate for a new travel bag since my tattered Nike duffel was on its last legs. After scouring the Internet and getting suggestions from Marcus Troy and John Gotty, I decided to go with Herschel Supply Co.’s “Journey” bag. Read below to see why I’m happy with the purchase.


  • Size: One thing the photos don’t really translate is how expandable this duffel really is. I have nearly two weeks’ worth of clothes inside of this, along with a toiletry bag and two pair of shoes, and everything fits fine, without the need for a double zipper to close it completely.
  • Shoe compartment: I’m not nearly the sneakerhead that some of my friends are, but I definitely found use with the shoe compartment (shown above) on the Journey. I had initially just saw it as a gimmick and cool factor, but it makes the shoes easy to take out quickly without having to dig through everything else in the bag, or dirtying your clothes by piling your shoes on top of them.
  • Minimalist look: I’m a fan of the clean, minimalist look in most of my accessories, and the Journey fits that preference to a tee. The bag’s black body, contrasting gold zipper, white “Herschel” side patch, and the clean red and white striped lining inside are a fly, low-key way for me to carry all that I need through the airport, to the gym, or any other place I’m going. If only I could get the camo and blue colorway that Marcus got his hands on, though…
  • Durability: I haven’t put the Journey through a harsh wear and weight test, but when I have the bag packed, it feels durable while holding it by the handles or on your back.


  • No shoulder strap: Though the dual hand and back usage of the the Journey’s handles give great options, I still would have loved to see a shoulder strap on this. I sometimes prefer that method to carry large amounts of weight, and I’d love to drape this over my shoulder while walking to and fro.
  • No extra pockets: A tech junkie like me would’ve enjoyed some extra pockets on the bag to store the likes of a cell phone, pen, keys, etc. But this design also forces everything to be hidden inside, which may throw off would-be thieves from obvious target spots.

For more information on Herschel Supply Co.’s Journey, visit the Online Store.