DJ Premier and Royce Da 5'9"

Royce Da 5’9″ and DJ Premier: The EP (Spotify Playlist)

Many hip-hop fans will readily admit that Royce Da 5’9″ and DJ Premier are two of the genre’s most talented people. Bar for bar, Nickel can hang with anyone with a pen and pad, and Premo has hundreds of classic records under his belt. And ever since the duo dropped their timeless first single “Boom” in 2002, fans have been clamoring for them to make an album together. In 2006, when I interviewed him for ELEMENTAL magazine, Royce said, “This is his Nas project. Whatever he was supposed to do with Nas…if it doesn’t [happen] this will be the equivalent to that.”

Premier executive produced Royce’s album Street Hop, which was well done. But I’m sure that I’m not alone in wishing that Premier did all or most of the beats on that record, instead of only doing a few and helping him pick the rest.

I used Spotify to get as close to that reality as possible: make a playlist of all of the songs Royce and Prem have released together. Despite me only ordering them in the order of their release dates, the “EP” is surprisingly well-sequenced, and has a diverse array of musical and lyrical approaches. Hard-knocking (“Boom,” “Hip Hop,” “Ding!”), smooth (“Something 2 Ride 2”), conceptual (“My Friend,” “Hood Love”), it’s all here.

CLICK HERE for the Spotify playlist. Or, CLICK HERE for the Beats Music playlist.


  1. Boom
  2. My Friend
  3. Hip Hop
  4. Hit ‘Em
  5. Ding!
  6. Something 2 Ride 2
  7. Shake This
  8. Hood Love
  9. Second Place
  10. Writer’s Block (feat. Eminem) (DJ Premier Remix)