Single In The City – “Black Magic Woman”

My homie Kevin Clark has several places that he’s blogging with, and he’s given me the privilege to syndicate his “Single In The City” blog on SpeechIsMyHammer. Today is my first publication of one of them: “Black Magic Woman.”

Kevin Clark: Black Magic Woman

I believe that one of the most precious things on this Earth is a black woman. The way y’all walk, talk and even sass can light this Scorpio’s passionate flame and I can’t get enough of it. But, if I knew what type of spell this “black magic woman” would cast on me, then I would’ve never have went to Lotus that night…

Her name was Denay and she had to be the finest girl in the club that night. I called her “friend,” but everyone else had some more clever connotations for the Harlem dimepiece. “Ay, aye, aye, aaaayyyeee!” was cool for starters. “Shawty with the phat ass,” was another one. She never would answer to comments like that and on this particular night, she looked like she got dressed in sin with a dress that hugged her curves so right that I wanted to call her mama.

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