5 Father’s Day Gadget Gift Ideas (TheBVX 6/16/2010)

With responsibilities like work, raising children and handyman duties always on dad’s plate, give him some time off with one of these techy Father’s Day gifts.

Miles Davis Tribute headphones (499.95, MonsterCable.com)

Pops dukes everywhere prepare for the long work week by stretching out and bumping jazz on Sunday afternoons. Satisfy his musical fix with this Monster Cable gift set. The luxurious, gold/brass-finished in-ear headphones (above) pack amazingly-detailed sound, but they also come with a two-disc 50th aniversary edition of its namesake’s seminal “Kind of Blue” LP.

Barnes & Noble NOOK eReader ($259 BarnesAndNoble.com)

Other dads would rather curl up with a book, and Barnes & Noble’s Nook eReader does the trick. Amazon’s Kindle is more popular, but the Nook boasts a color touch screen, Wifi, more than one million selections, and the ability to “lend” eBooks to other users for up to 14 days. Now if only pops would chip away at the four-figure balance of library fines…

Sprint HTC Evo 4G ($199 with a new contract Sprint.com)

With their familial responsibilities, it’s easy for dads to lose touch with friends around the coutry. Fortunately, Sprint’s HTC Evo phone has dual cameras to allow video chats with pals that have computer programs like Quik, all over Sprint’s in-progress extra-speedy 4G network. Unfortunately, the Evo doesn’t have an app that’ll make dad get the hint when you tell him you have to leave video chat to go to work.

Polaroid 300 Instant Camera ($90, Polaroid.com)

For old-fashioned, anti-tech fathers, expensive digital cameras are a waste of money and features. But don’t let that stop them from indulging in their photography bug. The Polaroid 300 includes four light settings and auto-flash, but it harks back to simpler times: when it was as simple as pointing, shooting, and printing on the spot.

Callaway Golf uPro GPS ($399.99 at http://Shop.CallawayGolf.com)

Everyone knows the dad who’s always skipping out on work or family gatherings to tee off. Feed his addiction by copping the Callaway Golf uPro, a gPS system that lets users preview holes and measure distances to help strategize their game. Just make sure he doesn’t flip on his opponents’ “Happy Gilmore” style when he continues to miss easy shots.