Microsoft Kills ‘Kin’ After Young People Ignore It (TheBVX 7/2/2010)

With young people’s negative reaction to the Kin phones, Microsoft learned a valuable lesson the hard way: the harder you try, the harder you fail.

Ever give a potential interest the cold shoulder just because they were trying to hard? He/she looks great, but the conversation is too forced, and the game is too corny?

That’s exactly what young people have done to Microsoft’s Kin phones, and the hosue Bill Gates build has caught the hint: according to reports, Microsoft has canceled the Europe release of the phone. And despite Verizon’s insistence that they’re keeping them, speculation is that their days are numbered in the U.S. as well.

On paper, the Kin is a great device: it prioritizes social networking on an inventive operating system. Plus, the demographic was perfect: young people who want the capabilities of Twitter, Facebook and the like, but without the extras of a smartphone like a Blackberry or an Android.

But like that desperate date, the Kin’s marketing was too targeted. Focusing on youg hipsters is one thing; badly impersonating them and pandering to them is another. Check the Kin’s web site, creating contrived enviroments and characters for your product only insults the customers you’re going after, and polarizes whoever else would be interested. For another example, check GOP chairman Michael Steele’s corny attempts at being “hip.” Apple based years of advertising on the image that Microsoft was old and out of touch, and this campaign makes Microsoft live down to the hype.

Microsoft is still making quality products. They should take the same advice that the desperate guy/girl needs: be yourself, and the rest will fall into place.