5 Must-Have Mobile Apps for the Summer (TheBVX 5/21/2010)

In the Digital Age smartphones are as essential to summer fun as shorts and barbecues. We’ve compiled a list of five apps for your Blackberry or iPhone that’ll help you get fit, organized and informed for a season full of sun and social engagements.

1. Calorie Tracker by LIVESTRONG ($2.99)
Calorie Tracker by LIVESTRONG essentially works as a personal trainer-minus the yelling in your ear. Its database of exercises, activities, and over 525,000 foods and restaurant items helps track caloric intake and burn. Translation: no more BS “I didn’t know cheesecake was a bad substitute for salad” or “lifting the remote control burns 500 calories!” excuses.

2. Pandora (Free in Blackberry App World/iPhone App Store)
Music is essential for grueling summer workouts, and Pandora’s user-personalized stations do the trick. My “Jay-Z” station played “December 4th,” compilation song “Jigga That Ni–a,” and Dr. Dre’s “Still D.R.E.,” which Jay ghostwrote. Just give the “Dislike” rating to songs like “I Know What Girls Like,” and you’re good.

3. LaterDude (Free) and LaterDude Pro ($2.99 + free trial) (Blackberry App World)
Procrastination and summer make a deadly combo. Fortunately, LaterDude lets users easily create calendar reminders and tasks straight from phone calls, messages and contacts. So if a client calls as you’re walking into a barbecue, set a reminder to reply four hours later, and eat and flirt without worry.

4. whaZZup Pro (Free in Blackberry App Store)
Summer is prime concert/event season, and this Yahoo-powered Blackberry app covers all the bases. It helps users find area events, get GPS directions to the venue, and more. Just don’t blame whaZZup Pro for disappointing opening acts or tardy headliners.

5. BeWeather (Free version and Full Version, which is $9.99 + free trial) (Blackberry App World)
Summer sun is great, but don’t let unexpected rain and cold nights get you sick and ruin your suede shoes. BeWeather-and other apps available for any device-tracks current conditions and later forecasts for different locations. Whether you cop the free version or the full, Mother Nature won’t catch you slipping.