The Apprentice: Laz Jackson

Remember when I was making all those Facebook statuses about me looking for hungry up-and-coming journalists? That’s because I’m putting together a team. The first member of the squad – and most likely one who’ll be getting a “senior writer” title or something – is Laz Jackson. He’s done some transcribing for me, and he’ll be posting some sports pieces here. He’s got a really dope NBA preview that we’re running early next week, but before that, I just thought I’d introduce him. You take it from here, homie.

Name (in full): Lazarus Chance LaRoy Jackson
Birthday: 10-17-90
Favorite Color: Green and White
Favortie Animal: Jaguar
Favorite Hip-Hop Artist: Lupe Fiasco
Favorite Artist (Other): Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Likes: Sports, Females of all races and creeds, Video Games, Writing, Food (any kind), Dry Humor, and Books.
Dislikes: Foolishnesss, Ignorance, Loudness, and other -nesses.

I do sports. I do humor. I do deepness. I listen, as long as you have something worth saying. So let’s talk together…