“The Proof Is In The Pudding, Just Ask Deshaun Holton…”

R.I.P. Proof
R.I.P. Keith Bender, Jr.
  • Smack (R.I.P. Proof)

    I already explained to you how shocked I was when I heard that dude got popped. My day’s been in a black cloud since I heard the news. Now we’ll never get that Proof/Royce collabo that was promised.

    But what’s weird to me is that it seems like someone is out to get dudes affliated with Eminem. Now I’m not one for conspiracy theroies but it’s weird to me. Earlier, Obie Trice gets shot but miracalously lives through it (although I was “WHOA” when I heard he got it in the face) and now Proof dies from a bullet to the head. I mean, it might be a coincedence but I just wanna know what the fuck is going on in Detroit and I should know since I’m here! Whatever it is, shit needs to end because we’re losing a lot of good dudes right now.

    R.I.P. Big Proof


  • Anonymous

    hey man saw ur blog from allhiphop.com and i also rep the spartans, just wanna see props to ur blog, bookmarked it, and to my man proof, r.i.p. i pay my condolences to his family and friends, hes up there with bugz right now….they better fix that ish up there in the D, first blade icewood, then obie almost, now proof somebody gotta stop the violence…

  • sara

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  • Q

    It’s a sad situation…

  • spchrist

    I read somewhere that he was the third Detroit rapper killed in the last year or so…who were the other two?

  • Cris_OnDaRocs

    R.I.P Proof…the sadness for me is that the situation of someone i know of being shot and killed is no longer shocking although its long from accecptable.A true artist has been lost and R.I.P James”J Dilla”Yancey a legendary producer who is also from Detroit…

    “GOOD NEWS” HaHa, you remember that…,well i had to leave a comment I was supposed to long ago but I’ll be droppin in more

  • Mr. Clark

    I would hate the one to dampen the mood, but… Willie Ketch — can we at least get a smile, brother?!