“The Ruler’s Back” Pt. 2

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  • Interview: William E. Ketchum III


djpremier1.jpgChris Martin is more down-to-earth than he should be. In the basement of Detroit’s historic St. Andrew’s Hall, the hip-hop legend known as DJ Premier is running the sound check before a Scion-sponsored show in which he’s the headlining act. Dressed in a simple, navy Sedgwick & Cedar tee and black Adidas wind pants, industry adornments like a Blackberry, necklace or timepiece are noticeably absent as he casually chops it up with other local DJs slated to spin before him that night. Everyone’s laughing and joking, but chills seem to simultaneously ascend the spines of all the DJs as the trademark scratches found on classic tracks from Nas, Jay-Z, and Biggie blare from the speakers—performed live and in-person by the pioneer himself.

Lately, the 40-year-old has been lacing tracks for deserving veterans like Nas and AZ, handling executive producing duties for the upcoming albums by Teflon and the recently-jailed Royce Da 5?9” (“When he gets out, we’ll pick up where we left off,” Primo’s manager attests), blessing less-established newcomers like Termanology and Jae Hood, and jumping off his new label, Year Round Records, with a compilation dropping in early 2007. But most notably, Primo has taken what many consider a left turn by working extensively with pop starlet Christina Aguilera on her recent double-disc, Back To Basics. In an interview with XXLMAG.com, Primo talks about working with Aguilera, the importance of his hip-hop predecessors and the real status of Gang Starr.


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