This Week On Tumblr (9/10/11) is the home base for my writing, but I fool around on my Tumblr a lot as well. Mostly for visuals that I come across, but occasionally I’ll scribble a few words there also. Here’s are some of my latest posts there:

  • The notebook above isn’t a Moleskine, but after seeing these Arwey beauties, even WEK3 was forced to lean back.
  • Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty. I already thought Jermaine Dupri had messed up with Life In 1472, but slippin’ on her is bad.
  • Tyler, the Creator gives the autograph of a lifetime.
  • Stevie Wonder + Bob Marley.
  • The new Moleskine + Star Wars collab isn’t as bad as I thought. Click HERE to see why.