ToDo 10-20-08

Full schedule today, folks. The run-down:

  • 8 AM: Wake up. Breakfast (or not), start transcribing this Nick Speed interview for Metro Times.
  • Noon: Interview Teflon Drama for this Famous Firm bio.
  • 2 PM: GlobalGrind Content Meeting
  • 4 PM: Interview wouldbe wifey Amanda Diva for SpeechIsMyHammer.
  • 6-8 PM: Depends on if my writers can come through for me. If they can, I’ma go to MRULE w/the homies. Otherwise, I’ma bite the bullet and interview Illa J.
  • In between time: Continue transcribing Nick Speed interview (homie talked for like three hours on and off). Edit videos for me and JYoung’s upcoming project. Job search. Ask Cliff to hook me up with Nikki Jean. Check into tech writing opportunities. Hope Free Press has hit me back. Follow Up w/XXL on some things.