ToDo Week of 12-16-08

The grind continues. In order of due dates and/or importance:

  • Edit this Big Biz article for XXL by Thursday
  • Mae Day’s “Cherish The Day” Press Release
  • Apply for these newspaper jobs I was tipped off to.
  • Do this article about Tasherre D’Enajetic’s P52 project for Metro Times.
  • Write the second installment of “10 People Who Have Me Excited About Hip-Hop”
  • Complete a MichiganHipHop interview, and assign 3-4 others. Tiana, Brandon, J-Scott – I hope y’all are ready.
  • Finish this Mixtape of the Year review for HipHopDX before Christmas. No, I won’t tell you who won.
  • Knock out two vital features for Hopefully, I can get some help from Laz and Q-Hodges.