VIBE Editor-In-Chief Talks Ciara x Robin Thicke Controversy

Saw this link on Makavelliot’s Facebook. In this interview on New York’s 98.7, VIBE EIC Danyel Smith-Wilson talks about the controversy regarding Ciara’s alleged impending lawsuit for her photos in the new issue of VIBE, and Robin Thicke’s recent accusations of VIBE not putting whites on its covers. I’m historically a fan of VIBE, and even though I’ve got a lot of peoples that write for ’em, I admit that there was a period that I wasn’t really reading it. But I’ve loved the direction that the magazine has taken since DSW has taken the helm, and the XV anniversary issue with Jay-Z on the cover was fucking incredible to me. Matter of fact, I need to start pitching to them again; C Yusc, whattup!?

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