Welcome To The New SpeechIsMyHammer.com!

It’s been a long time coming, but welcome to the new SpeechIsMyHammer.com!

This is the official one-stop shop for all things William E. Ketchum III. Even if you’ve seen the new design, keep an eye out for the updated sections. New visitors, use the navigational bar above to find your way around. Each tab does the following:

WEK3 – A short biography about how I got involved with hip-hop music, journalism, and artist management.

CLIENTS – Self-explanatory: a list of the publications, companies and artists who have hired me for my writing services.

FEATURES – A collection of some of my favorite feature articles throughout my career. This includes Q&A or long-form interviews, lists, editorials, and other stories. In the “Print” section at the bottom, click on a photo to see both the text and the images of the stories as they appear in their respective magazines or newspapers.

REVIEWS – I got my start in journalism as a record reviewer, and I’d like to think I’ve gotten better over the years. Check here to see my critical analysis of the latest albums/mixtapes.

TECH – I’ve always been a gadget enthusiast, and I cover the technology industry as well.

BIOS – I’ve been blessed to write artist bios for some of the most respected, successful artists in the business. Check out this section to see my work, and to decide if you’d like to commission me to tell you story.

PRESS – Believe it or not, some people actually care what I have to say. Crazy, right?

CONTACT – Get at me. Also see the “Follow My Lead” sidebar on the right to stalk me on all of your social networks.

I’ll also be using SpeechIsMyHammer to chronicle reaching different stages of my career/personal life, host interviews exclusive to the site, and occasionally, highlight other talented or young writers whose messages I’d like to share with the world.

The site is just relaunched, so let me know if there are any technical issues. Otherwise, let me know what you think of the site: what you like, what you don’t like, and what you don’t care about. Thanks for coming by!

Special shout-outs to Brittany Patrice and Briana Myricks for all of the technical help, Sean Mack for the logo and background design, my crew BLAT! Pack for their continued support, and to all of my friends/supporters who read my work and help me keep going!