Wordsworth and eMC Hold A Grudge.

One of my favorite verses from this album.

Uncle Mac, you remember you were [in] dying need?
You sold my Michael Jordan rookie card to buy some weed
When my moms was divorcing, and she left me a check
To buy sneakers. But you took it, to bet on the Nets
Hated you! I wish that she made you move
I got blamed for the porno on Pay-Per-View
No sorry. It’s too late, to apologize
I was traumatized as a kid at eight

I don’t mean to hold a grudge,
but I’m not gon budge
I don’t mean to hold a grudge,
I ain’t forget the way it was.

(Masta Ace, Wordsworth, Punchline, Stricklin; the verse above is from Wordsworth)
“The Grudge”
The Show