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Best Live Stream For Wedding. When all guests cannot attend your event in person, we provide the best seat in the house. If you want or need to purchase any equipment in order to better live stream your wedding, this is what i recommend:

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We used zoom to livestream our wedding on 5/9/2020 after postponing/cancelling our wedding on 6/27/2020. The wedding stream uses advanced video and live streaming equipment to broadcast weddings and events all over the world! My streaming wedding is a national service that takes care of the live stream from start to finish, sending a professional videographer with all the right tools, experience, and equipment to live stream your day.

It offers up to 1,000 guests (up to 100 with the free version), live chat, and extended stream times if you opt for the pro version.

Prices for the diy package begin at $199, and the company provides instructions on how to connect to their streaming servers. Having a wedding on zoom seems pretty logical since it's become so popular and a lot of your friends and family might be using it. Invite your guests to your virtual wedding by sending paperless. No ads, no apps, no login, no interruptions.