Best Way To Find A Water Leak Underground

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Best Way To Find A Water Leak Underground. Here are the steps you can take to detect signs of a water leak. However, just because the leak may be underground, that does not mean you or a professional are unable to locate and fix it.

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This takes away the need to physically inspect each water pipe to find the leak. Determine if you have a leak in your plumbing by checking to see if the water indicator is moving. If it is, the leak is in your service line.

While the sound might echo through pipes up to 1,000 feet from the source, the two valves with the loudest sound are likely on either side of the leaking pipe.

This will help you know for certain whether you have a leak underground. Or in the case of your water main, underneath or outside your home. Thermal imaging uses infrared imaging and measurement cameras to identify problem areas like a water leak from a distance. A barefoot walk through your home is a good way to discover where you might have.